A 🇻🇳 Graphic designer & Type pratictioner, who visualizes stories and sings with letters.

A passionate designer with a love for storytelling! He’s not about sharpening his own style; instead, he’s your go-to collaborator, ready to listen and help you bring your vision to life. Duong’s designs are like well-crafted stories, backed by research, attention to detail, and a whole lot of heart. In a world where design tells a tale, Duong’s work stands out for its visual charm and meaningful narratives.

Nesting in Hanoi, Vietnam but open for any international collaboration. If you are interested to walk together, feel free to get in touch. 👋️


Graphic Design
Brand Identity
Type Design
Website Design


It's Nice That
World Brand Design
Packaging of the World
You Make It Vietnam
Thoc Journal

Let's take action together!

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